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TOP 10 Housing Companies In Nepal
1.Civil Homes
2.CE Construction/CD Developers
3.Clean Developers
4.Bajra Shangrila
5.Westar properties
6.Imperial Court
7.Road Show Housing
8.KL Duggar
9.Comfort Housing
10.Downtown Housing

Housing Facing bad Days:

1.Oriental Housing
2.Guna Developers

Things housing Companies should worry about:
IRONY in Height!!
NLHDA(Nepal land and Housing Association ) Their website is not working properly and its already 6 months we tried to notify them but no change so how you expect them to change current Real Estate Scenario.

Real estate association:

REYAN and Professional REYAN both having a minority of real estate agents with them and fighting to build the authencity of the professional establishment ...Big dreams but no work yet..I think may be they should merge and form a bigger platform.

Top Real Estate Agents:

1.The Realtor
2.Nepal property Market
3.H& S

Online resource for housing:

Current Real Estate Scenario:

Housing Industry has noticed a brief appraisal in the sector with buying selling have increased but mainly of independent housing and Vertical Living is facing many challenges such as project handover ,booking crunch and property laws.As per me i don't think for coming 10yrs any high-rise to be made in Kathmandu and those under-construction if completed in time can gain in price and demand too.

Hope this information will be handy for you all....!!!! happy reading.

So whats the nuclear physics in calculating investment before buying a property:
Cost for average good plot per anna=1000000/- if outside ringroad
Cost for average good plot per anna=2000000/-if inside ringroad

To built a moderate house you need 4anna
So total cost if outside ring road=40lakhs
So total cost if inside ring riad=80lakhs

Keeping a quality cost of constructing using all best available brands 3500/- per sq ft is current cost.
An average house will be of 2000sq.ft...A very Good size.

So total construction cost= 70lakhs

So a good house inside ring Road= 1crore 50lakhs max
outside ring road= 1 crore 10lakhs

Any investment i belive above this budget is mere foolishness untill you wanna make a state of art building flaunting your pride and social status.

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HI! After long time again nice to see you all….Yes I know Real Estate Market is improving in Nepal too and you can notice the buying drive again gearing up and this time thanks to ever increasing dollar.Remitance is having good impact in Midlle class families who intends to own property.Current market is more of first hand buyers and not investors and buyers seems to be very well educated.Childrens surf real estate news and property details on web and ask their parents to visit the locations and find out the future aspects of it.

Some Buying Tips if you are investing in Developers property:

1-Ask what the carpet area of the property is as later you might find out you are cheated on super-build area. The most important thing there is no specific guidelines in Super-build and carpet area but recently in india a bill is getting passed where developers cannot charge clients on superbuild instead they have to sell on carpet area.

2-Don’t be too happy on seeing too many balconies in your apartment or house as Balconies are FAR free areas and Developers are making money by counting it in your so called square feet.

3-Always ask for autocad drawing of your property as it will exactly let you know how  much is your carpet area.

4-Before buying or investing in Developers property please check their loan status, completion deadline, government approvals otherwise you will have no one to blame.

5-In case you are planning to buy a property already made by someone and if he/she tells that he is in need of money that’s why he is planning to sell and it’s a newly made house -----BIG NO NO……don’t fall in trap.

6-Using brokers to buy property is good you save money and time but have a open mind…only get your service from professional.