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Hurry Hurry Hurry 3BHK ready to move in apartment at Sinamangal @ 42lakhs only offer valid for this financial year ending./ Distress  property for sale at Central Park Apartment Bishalnagar / Distress property for sale at Mero city 2BHK Apartment @ 30lakhs only.
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house with a parking for a car and a prise range from 5-8 million nrs.

i need a house at dillibazar/ghattekulo/anamnagar or at center nearly at 3-4 aana

individual houuse in newroad

4 anna to 4.5 anna land east or south facing (south facing is preferrable) with face not less than 31 feet .....with at least 12 feet access road within 1.5 km from ringroad from Satdobato to Mahalaxmisthan chowk or Tikathali (height should be same or higher than ring road level; khaldo not required) price 7 lakh per anna

  • Down Town Apartment,Khumaltar
    Bajra & Shangrila Residency
    CG Hills
    Park View Horizontal, Dhapasi
    Civil Homes TVC
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News Update:

[Civil Homes Dhapakhe Civil Homes Phase 4 Price Rs10,000,000/- upto Rs20,000,000/- .....civil Block B Apartment Price Rs2,700,000/- ]  [Mercury Apartment Pvt Ltd Sanepa Sterling Patan Price Rs16,000,000/- upto Rs36,000,000/-]  [Ambe Housing pvt Ltd Chabhel Ambe Residency Price Rs7,000,000/- upto Rs10,000,000/- ...Kuleshwor Metro Apartment Price Rs7,000,000/- Upto Rs9,000,000/-]   [ Clean Developers Pvt Ltd Bishalnagar Central Park Price Rs10,000,000/- Upto Rs45,000,000/-]   [Imperial Developer Sanepa Imperial Court Price1 Rs5,000,000/- Upto Rs50,000,000/-]   [Shangrila Housing Pvt Ltd Pepsicola Suncity Apartment Price Rs.3,200,000/- Upto Rs5,400,000/-]   [CG Developers Hatigouda CG Hills Price Rs13,000,000/- Upto Rs26,000,000/- ... Harishiddhi Mount View Residency Price Rs7,100,000/- Upto Rs20,000,000/- ... Hattiwan Cityscape Aprtment Price Rs2,500,000/- Upto Rs14,000,000/-]   [Greenhil City Pvt Ltd Mulpani Greenhill City Price Rs5400000/-]   [Sunrise Developers Pvt Ltd Nakhu Sunrise Aprtment price Rs2,300,000/- Upto Rs7,700,000/-]  [CE Construction Tokha Harmony Housing Price Rs4,500,000 Upto Rs10,000,000/- ... Bijeshwori Retreat Apartment Price Rs7,500,000/- Upto Rs17,500,000/- ... Dhapasi Cluster Housing Price Rs13,000,000/- upto Rs16,000,000/-]   [CD Developers Tokha Venus Residency Price Rs7,100,000/- Upto Rs12,000,000/- ... Tokha Grande Villa Price Rs6,000,000/-  ...Tokha Grande Towers Price Rs4,500,000/- Upto Rs30,000,000/-]  [Brihat Investment Pvt Ltd Sitapaila Brihat Samudaiyik Awas Price Rs7,000,000 Upto RS16,000,000/-]   [CM Developers Bhaisipati Binayak colony Price Rs10,000,000/- Upto Rs23,000,000/-]   [Westar properties Pvt Ltd Balkumari Westar Residency Price Rs6,000,000/- Upto Rs15,000,000/-]   [Royal orchid Developers Hattiwan Mero City Price Rs1,300,000/- upto Rs4,700,000/-]   [Bagmati Homes Pvt Ltd Balkot Rose village Price Rs16,000,000/- Upto Rs19,000,000/-]   [Downtown Housing Sanepa City View apartment Price Rs7,000,000/- Upto Rs10,000,000/-]    scrolling content  scrolling content 
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